Frequently asked questions

  1. How much does it cost to create an email address?
    MailService is free and always will be.
  2. How many email transmissions can I set up?
    MailService is not restricting the number of transmisisons.
  3. How can I set up a new email address?
    Under the menu Email Forwards click the button Creating new email forward. In the drop-down menu choose a domain you like and create a cool prefix (itt will be the part of the address prior @). You will also need to add your already existing email address, where your MailService emails will be transferred to.
  4. How do I receive emails to my new MailService address?
    Setting up a new email forward, incoming emails will automatically be transferred to the chosen email address.
  5. How can I send emails from my new MailService address?
    In case you already have a set email account at any client, you are lucky, because all you have to do is setting up a new alias to your email account.
    By this, you’ll have the chance to choose Sender: change email address from a drop-down menu when creating a new message. As a default setting, your Sender: email address always will be your original address, but with a new alias you will be able to change it to your MailService address.
    If you need help with setting your MailService address, choose the used email client:
    Thunderbird (Hotmail)
  6. If I have already set up an email forward, can I change the addressee later?
    You can change the addressee of the email forward any time at Email Forwards.
  7. Am I only entitled to set up forwarding to my email address used at login?
    No, you are not. You can give a new addressee, when you set up a new forwarding or change settings to an already existing one.
  8. Can I ask forwarding to any kind of email address?
    Yes, you can. Except for those that are set up as default to another MailService user account.
  9. I set up a new addressee at forwarding, and I do not get the messages.
    When you set up a new addressee, you need to verify it. You just need to click on the link you got in email from MailService.
  10. What does happen to my email forwards, if I delete one of my email addresses?
    By deleting an email address, you delete forwardings as well to that address at the MailService system.
  11. What does primary email address mean?
    It is the one you can use at MailService login.
  12. Can I change my primary email address?
    Yes, you can change your primary address. Do not forget to use your primary address at login to MailService.
  13. How can I change my password?
    You can change your password any time at Modifying Password.
  14. What happens, if I link my MailService registration to a social media profile?
    It simplifies login as you don’t have to type in your email address and password. Besides, you can set up email forwards to your email address on social platform.